We have chosen menu items that are both wine-friendly and tasty.  Since we are careful about getting the best ingredients and adjust for seasonal change some items vary from menu to menu. Salud!

Cold Things
Toasted Spiced Pecans – A little spicy and a little sweet. 3.50
Picholine Olives – Firm fleshed, buttery green olives dressed with olive oil and lemon zest. 3.75
Hummus – Grilled pita rounds spread with hummus and seasoned with smoked paprika and lemon zest. 4.00
Secchi Salumi – Savory, earthy and rich traditional salumi served with housemade bread. 5.25
Cheese Plate – Three distinctive wine friendly cheeses served with housemade bread. 8.75
Feta & Flatbread – Fresh feta crumbled over flatbread and drizzled with a mixture of olive oil, lemon, fresh thyme, and crushed olives. 6.25

Hot Things
Ghetto Slider – Don’t ask too many questions, just order one. They’re delicious!
Baconini – Grilled flatbread folded over Tillamook cheddar and crispy bacon. *5.50
Cremini Panini – Slices of rustic bread are layered with cremini mushrooms, brie cheese then another layer of mushrooms.  It’s then put in a panini grill until it forms a golden crust and the cheese begins to ooze. Even devout carnivores love this earthy, hearty meatless sandwich. *6.75
Pulled Pork Slider – Smoky, juicy pulled pork is loaded onto Richard’s housemade bread (no BBQ sauce). Served with a side of housemade coleslaw which is dressed with a creamy sauce of olive oil, lemon juice, yogurt and a drop of honey then sprinkled with toasted caraway and fennel seeds. 7.25
Mixed Green Salad – Served with toasted pumpkin seeds, shaved Parmigiano – Reggiano cheese and dressed with lemon and olive oil. 5.75
Richard’s House Made Bread – Served with extra virgin olive oil. 2.75
Sweet Things
Bread Pudding – Made in house with Richard’s homemade bread. – “I make bread pudding with the leftover bread. My version is not too sweet and it’s not soggy. I serve it warm and dusted with powdered sugar. And I strongly advise pairing it with a glass of Blandy’s 5 Year Madeira”. 5.25
Chocolate Truffles – like little chocolate pillows. 3.00

* Denotes a Happy Hour item. $4 Mon-Fri 5p-7p

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