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Greenlake Wines + wine bar

opened its doors in March of 2010. Richard Kinssies wanted to create a different kind of store from his Wine Outlet stores and decided to make a neighborhood gathering place where people could have a glass of wine or take a bottle home to accompany a meal. Our wine bar has become a destination for meeting friends, trying out new wines and attending our weekly tastings each Thursday from 5-7pm.

Tastings + Events

Last Wine Tasting – Oct. 30 5-7pm

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Wine Tasting Every Thursday 5-9pm at Greenlake Wines

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Otis Kenyon Wine Tasting – Oct. 2 5-7pm at Greenlake Wine

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Italian Wines Tasting – September 25th, 5-7pm

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Red Sky Winery Tasting this Thursday at Greenlake Wines, 5-7pm

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Wine Outlet Newsletter


Note from Richard Kinssies, Greenlake Wines and Wine Outlet Owner:

I’ve decided to consolidate my Greenlake Wines and Wine Outlet stores so Saturday, November 2, will be the last day for business at Greenlake Wines + Wine Bar.  After six wonderful years my lease was up for renewal and I had to make a difficult choice to either commit to another six years or consolidate my business into just one store.  As most of you know my Wine Outlet store on Elliott Ave is many times larger than Green Lake and is home to my Seattle Wine School and the Seattle Wine Club of which many of you are members.  It also has a large commercial kitchen and a rooftop deck.  I also own the building so my choice as to which location to favor was a simple one.    But it was not an easy one.
I live just a few blocks from the Green Lake location and I’ve made connections with so many of my neighbors through the store.  I met some folks when they were expecting a child and now I see that child go by the store on his way to school at Bagley Elementary.  I’ve gotten to know many neighborhood kids over the years as they stopped by the store to raid my candy jar on their way home from school.  And I’ve gotten to know their parents when they stop by for a bottle of wine for dinner or to chat over a glass.
Two of my customers who met at the wine bar got along so well that they got married.  After their wedding ceremony they had photos taken in their wedding clothes at the place where they met.
No, this was not an easy decision.
I’ve planned a big Greenlake Wines Grand Closing celebration at the Wine Outlet on Sunday November 2 and I would like you to help me party.  I will have free food, wine tastings and a REALLY BIG SALE! worthy of the occasion.  The details are below and I’ll send you updates as I get them.
So, I want to invite everyone to come by for one last glass of wine or if you have never been to the Green Lake store, your first, before we close.  And don’t miss the Grand Closing gala and really BIG SALE! on the 2nd at Wine Outlet.
Closeout Week Events:
Last Wine Tasting at Greenlake Wines – Thursday, Oct. 30 5-9pm
Last Open Day at Greenlake Wines – Saturday, Nov. 1 3-9pm
BIG SALE at Wine Outlet – Sunday, Nov. 2 12-5pm

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